Anti Wrinkle Face Creams

May 24, 2014

Anti wrinkle face creams are becoming the most popular topical solutions for fighting the battle of old age. Men and women alike are crowding to the stores in search of the fountain of youth. Smoothing out those fine lines is a retailers dream. Everyone eventually gets older, and most don’t want others to notice. In this day and age of super models, sickly thin bodies and young, touched up faces; the average man and woman are forced to compare themselves with a new breed of people. People, who use looks to get promotions, retain positions and earn respect. In the days of old, respect was automatically given to a man or women because of age. Today, the older one gets, the less respect they receive from the younger generations. This creates a new problem, the problem of looking younger, while getting older. Unfortunately, those who are older do not have the benefit of the advances of touched up photos in real life. Plastic surgery and an anti aging wrinkle cream are the only options.
It’s been said in the past that as a man gets older, the lines on his face are marks of distinction, wisdom, and are deserving of respect. Unfortunately today, those lines also mean that he is too old to be creative, costs too much in terms of salary and out of energy by the end of the day to be the workaholic he once was. Older men are competing with younger ones for jobs, promotions, and women. The divorce rate is at an all time high and single men in their 40’s and 50’s are not uncommon. Finding a young female companion is every man’s dream, or at least finding one that looks young. Taking steps to improve the face by injecting Botox or rubbing on an anti aging wrinkle cream may be the way into a young woman’s heart.On the other spectrum, women not only have to compete with other women for jobs, promotions and respect; but they have to appeal to men of all ages as well. Daily use of an anti aging wrinkle cream may work temporarily to soften those lines around the eyes, but what about the shape of her body. As women age, their skin becomes much less elastic, everywhere. Retailers are flooding the market with concoctions, lotions, and cleansers to lift, pull, primp and smooth women consumers. Whether or not these products are successful hasn’t stopped them from being sold. This is seen abundantly in the amount of sales an ad for a diet pill will get by claiming, “Eat all you want and lose weight.” Most women know that this is an outrageous and possibly illegal claim. However, even at a price tag of over $100 per bottle, inventories are sold out by the millions. Women today are desperate, scared, and worrisome over the demise of their physical characteristics. Instead of looking forward to the next stage in life, they worry about what others will think about them because of the way they look. Christian’s especially, should not worry about the way they look. Their lives are in God’s hands and He is in control of the circumstances, no anti wrinkle face creams will change that” Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” (Matthew 6:34).As men and women get older, the body’s cellular regeneration begins to breakdown slowly. Included in this breakdown is the cellular regeneration of collagen. Collagen allows moisture and elasticity in many places including the skin. When skin becomes dry and less elastic, it begins to crack. These cracks can be seen as wrinkles. Anti wrinkle face creams fill in the cracks with lotion and moisturizer and temporarily give the illusion of wrinkle disappearance. Without the body making more collagen, anti wrinkle face creams will only be as effective as the frequency of application. Another way that is becoming popular to remove fine lines is the chemical peel. These peels allow a chemical agent to remove the first few layers of the facial dermis. Once the dermis is removed, the skin begins to produce multiple cells to replace the layers. This is similar to immunization shots in which a small portion of a bacteria or disease is injected; just enough for the body to recognize it to create white blood cells to combat. Once the blood cells are made, they remain in the body’s memory portals, so when it actually comes into contact with a specific bacteria, virus, or disease on a stronger level, it immediately knows how to fight. Tricking the body to recreating collagen is the primary purpose of chemical face peels.Whether using Botox, chemical peels or anti wrinkle face creams, the result is the same; a glowing, healthier, younger looking face. Some last longer than others, and some are considerably more costly. Nothing is permanent though, because the breakdown of cellular regeneration as one ages is unbeatable. The body can only sustain life for a certain amount of time. No one can live forever, and they will eventually look their age. Trying to prolong a younger look with an anti aging wrinkle cream is one way to combat aging. Acceptance however, of a life well lived and a look that represents it is the healthiest way to grow old physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thanking God for each day lived on this earth to do His will is a surefire way to enjoy the gifts of the days that are left.

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