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October 5, 2012

I had a lot of questions from people, asking me how I cured my acne. I started getting acne in Feb 2010, It has only just about cleared up. I still have the odd breakout and i have a ton of scars but as long as i take care of my skin and watch what i eat, it is pretty controllable. During my time of having acne, it became my life. I was constantly insecure about my face and my confidence went downhill. No makeup could cover the acne, it only enhanced it and often looked wrong. It was a low point. Unless you have experienced acne, you probably won’t see it as any major deal. I give sympathy to those who have had to battle it. I know I know, its not the end of the world, much more important things in the world to be stressing about but I genuinely hope this will help some of you out there and to those who comment that my skin is perfect, it really is not… So whether you have acne or not, it is important to look after your skin! I am no dermatologist, I am simply sharing what I ha been through and hoping that it may help someone. Products are all listed in the video and are generally available from your drugstore etc…. Nail Polish: ORLY – Gumdrop Thank you for watching! Suzi FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER twitter.com FORMSPRING www.formspring.me BLOG suzit86.blogspot.com

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