Home Remedies For Pimples

June 13, 2014

Home remedies for pimples have proved effective over time in the cases of thousands of people who are affected by the skin disorder. Concoctions such as a paste of ground up orange peelings applied to the face or mint juice dabbed on the skin before bed are a representation of the many unusual, exotic treatments often used to clear up skin blemishes. Over 80% of all teens develop varying degrees of acne and do not seek the care of a dermatologist. Instead, pimple remedies past down through the family, read in holistic books, gleaned from natural care websites and picked up simply by word of mouth are all sources from which over half of all sufferers find some relief for their skin.
There has been and will continue to be much debate over the effectiveness of homemade treatments for any type of health related problems. However, there are just as many die hard fans of home remedies as there are cynics. It is true that some treatments work for some people some of the time while no treatment works for all the people all of the time! So, anyone who wishes to apply home remedies for pimples should weigh the evidence in regard to any treatment before applying it to their own case. Here are a few tips to help anyone analyze the effectiveness of any particular holistic or home method: First, gather 3 or 4 sources of evidence about the particular treatment. Secondly, check out any medical contradictions that relate to the method, product or source.Thirdly, make sure that there is no safety issues involved in using any herbs, medications, or cleansers. Fourthly, try to find some first hand information from people who have actually applied various home remedies. An honest assessment from a successful user is the most powerful advertisement for any method. And lastly, after deciding upon which of the pimple remedies to use, do not apply the full treatment until a test run has been conducted on the skin. Some people react to treatments that may only be specific to them, so a small application to an obscure spot is usually the best way to approach a new remedy.If no redness, welts, excessive dryness, unusual oiliness, itching or other indications of skin reactions occur, the likelihood of an uneventful and perhaps successful treatment plan is a pretty sure thing. There are many home remedies for pimples available, but some are more popular than others and have a proven track record with users. A popular method of treating acne overnight is to apply toothpaste to an affected area. Leave it on overnight and wash the residue away in the morning. Make sure to use the paste kind rather than the gel. Applied for several days in a row, this is reported to lessen redness and swelling of bumps. As mentioned in the introduction, grinding orange peels into a paste with a little water and applied to the face overnight is used by some suffers. They report that this method is one of the most highly successful of the acne pimple remedies. “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)Another natural way to treat acne is by rubbing fresh cut garlic over the infected areas. This particular home remedy for pimples is purported to make blemishes disappear. Of course, there is the fragrance problem to deal with during the application, but the end result may be worth it! Witch hazel can be used as a mild treatment for oily skin. It helps to close pores and dry oily residue after cleaning. There is usually no irritation and is much safer on some people’s skin than using astringents with an alcohol or other medicated base. A commonly used remedy to help prevent acne and to refresh skin is a paste made from ground cucumbers.As commonly known, cucumber slices are also good for reducing the swelling around the eyes. Applying a cucumber treatment to the face can be a soothing, restful experience worthy of any spa even if it is simply done at home. Some pimple remedies are not only topical but are indicated through dietary applications. The exclusion of certain foods such as red meat can significantly reduce skin problems in some people. Red meat from most manufacturing sources have high concentrations of hormones and antibiotics which were used during the life of the animal. Some women, in particular, react to the ingestion of this type of meat by developing acne problems. When items such as red meat are eliminated from the diet, some acne clears up on its own.The addition of some foods and vitamins can inhibit or eliminate skin related health problems. Foods such as corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean and other oils rich in Essential Fatty Acids help to curb acne. Vitamin A and zinc are popular supplements that have scientific studies linking them to healthy skin and the cure of dermatology problems. Anyone interested in using supplements and dietary regimens as part of their home remedies for pimples should consult a dermatologist or doctor in order to receive the correct dosage in each case. For those who wish to explore the use of natural methods to treat skin problems, a thorough examination of each method is recommended for personal safety and success.

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