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May 12, 2014

Homemade acne treatments are often used in place of prescriptions, medications, and other forms of treatment that can be purchased through a doctor or pharmacy. A natural remedy can be used for people with many different skin types. For someone with only a mild case of the skin disorder, perhaps an unsightly blemish or two, there are many quick solutions that can be used to reduce or remove the blemishes. Individuals have a variety of options in order to relieve a small breakout of the skin. Sometimes, one or two pimples will form. This can be especially devastating for a teenager when pictures are being made or they have a date. In situations where measures must be immediately taken to remove a blemish, home treatment for acne can be completed to reduce or remove the pimples that have formed. Many individuals use toothpaste on the skin to treat a mild breakout. Leaving toothpaste on the skin overnight allows the blemish to be dehydrated. After applying the remedy, it is important to cover the skin. People who sleep on their sides or stomachs need to place a bandage over the area to keep the toothpaste from coming off. In the morning, when the toothpaste is cleaned from the area, the pimple will be much smaller or completely clear. Egg whites are also used in a similar way as toothpaste. This can be left on the face for 20 minutes or overnight.
Taking advantage of a natural remedy can also reduce much larger and more severe breakouts. These breakouts often cause more pain, stress, and anxiety for the individual. Finding a solution to remove or reduce this problem can alleviate some of the emotional stress that the skin disorder can cause, especially for a teenager. For larger breakouts and for general cleansing of the skin that is susceptible to large breakouts, natural home treatment for acne can be successful. Many different homemade acne treatments are used by individuals for a deeper cleansing of the skin when breakouts are common. Creating a face cleanser or mask from the combination of egg whites and lemon juice can be helpful. The mask can be left on the face for 20 minutes, and then cleansed with warm water. This can be a good way to remove oil from the skin to alleviate breakouts. Water is another excellent way to cleanse the skin. Drinking water with all meals and frequently throughout the day can be helpful in cleansing oils and other harmful substances from the body. Healthy skin produces the correct antibodies to fight off inflammation resulting from infected pores.

There are many other holistic solutions for individuals suffering from acne breakouts and problems. Various mixtures for cleansers, such as oatmeal, aspirin, and many other products that are not created for the face are often used to remove pimples. A home treatment for acne, along with many other remedies for removing a small breakout, can be found by searching many of the popular search engines and in holistic healing books at the local library. Acne is often a part of life that people must accept and learn to live with. It is something that can be overlooked, especially when other things in the world are so terrible. As a Christian, rejoicing for having life and the ability to praise God is more important than any acne problems. “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24) With acne, there may be many different problems that arise for people. Some people may have a problem with redness. Blackheads may affect some people. Others have large breakouts in a concentrated area. No matter the problem, there are homemade acne treatments. The most common combinations of natural substances can be derived from foods and are frequently used for treating the skin and reducing or relieving acne breakouts.

A popular way to save money on cleansers and medications to treat or cure acne is to use a home treatment for acne. Dermatologists can often provide information on medications, cleansers, lotions, and creams that will combat acne problems, but many individuals choose to save money and seek natural remedies. Prescription medications can be expensive and some insurance companies may not include dermatology in a plan. When deciding on a natural remedy, it will depend on the condition of the individual’s skin. For minor breakouts where only a few pimples are the problem, there are many quick remedies and solutions that can be used. To reiterate, products like toothpaste and egg whites are often used to remove pimples overnight. When all over breakouts are the problem, egg whites will again be the solution for a quick treatment. For a long term remedy, individuals can drink water. It is suggested that someone suffering with a skin disorder first seek the diagnosis of a dermatologist, then research the type and severity of the problem. Having homemade acne treatments and natural options as backups to prescription medications may help the sufferer in the long run, especially if skin sensitivity is the cause.

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