July 14, 2012

The fight against blemishes can feel like a never ending battle – believe me i know. In most cases it really can be won – or at the very least – controlled. Understanding the basics of what does and does not cause breakouts and avoiding ingredients and triggers can go along way. PLEASE don’t moisturise skin that doesn’t need it. If you are oily you really don’t need it – only moisturise skin that is dry. I know some people believe that all skin types need to be moisturised – but there is no evidence (in medical or dermatologist papers) that moisturising oily skin helps in any way. What oily skin does need though is antioxidants etc… if you must moisturise then consider a toner or serum – as these are lighter and will be less likely to clog pores. Cleaning the skin keeps your skin healthy and free of dirt. I recommend the clarisonic very highly. I love it and it really has made a massive difference in my skin. Its expensive but its something i really believe in. Don’t worry about it if you don’t have one – its not necessary but its a great tool. BHA and AHA products can help exfoliate the skin and thus reduce the likely hood of clogged pores. Low pH BHA products aimed at normal/oily/dry skin types. Proactive Solution – Clarifying Night Cream Neutrogena – oil-free acne stress control hydrating acne treatment Paula’s Choice – 1%-2% beta hydroxy acid gel/lotion/liquid Higher pH BHA products aimed at very dry/or sensitive skin types. Clinqiue Turn Around Concentrate Clinique

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