Makeup For Acne Scars

October 20, 2013

Makeup for acne scars can be a last resort for those who have exhausted various treatments for the problem and suffer with permanent scarring. Tissue damage is common among those who deal with problematic epidermal disorders over a long period of time. Generally, skin problems affect most people in their teens due to hormonal changes that eventually resolve themselves with minimal or no treatment. These individuals may need to only use anti-bacterial soaps and over the counter medications to clear up sporadic outbreaks. Even though these outbreaks can be inconvenient at times and disconcerting, there is no major tissue damage sustained. Moderate forms of dermatological problems can generally be effectively treated by a visit to an experienced dermatologist. Prescription medication along with topically managed skin care can significantly reduce or resolve most problems. However, an unfortunate number of patients must turn to makeup for acne scarring because extremely disfiguring tissue damage has occurred.
Some patients who have tried long and hard to resolve serious skin disorders permanently retain the scarring effects of early skin problems. “O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth.” (Psalm 96:9) For those patients, topical covering through makeup for acne scars may be the only answer. There are surgeries and laser techniques that can be applied by dermatological surgeons for extreme cases of tissue damage. These options can be used in several ways to restructure the epidermis so that a natural, clear appearance will result. Surgical procedures can peel several layers of skin away over a period of successive procedures to the outer epidermis. Heat producing lasers at the same time can apply high temperatures to the dermis which causes it to tighten. The resulting effect is a smoother, tighter appearance on both the surface and sub surface of facial tissues.

Surgical techniques are not always as effective on other parts of the body where skin damage can occur. Many patients experience outbreaks on the chest, back, and upper legs. These areas do not respond as well as the face to laser techniques. Patients that suffer with general body acne usually must deal with lesser options of treatment and learn to handle the results of skin imperfections on other portions of the body. When makeup for acne is considered, most people think of it in terms of facial applications. However, for those who deal with body acne, there is also makeup that works quite well on the legs and chest. Covering areas that can be visible can be a relief to many who have no other alternative to tissue scarring. Scarring is not the only problem that good makeup for acne scars can address.

Discolorations, uneveness in color tone, and spots can be covered with certain types of specially formulated makeup. Not only women find it necessary to resort to makeup for acne, even they are generally the most likely to use cover applications. Many men must use make-up in order to hide permanent blemishes that can disfigure their overall appearance. Both teen boys and girls are also more typical users of certain options for cover applications. Some cover applications can be purchased over the counter for generic use for both men and women. Other types of products must be purchased through specialty companies that have designed cover make-up with certain ingredients that not only cover well, but also offers medicinal value.

When considering which cover applications to purchase, there are several things to consider that will help in choosing the right products. Since most people who need make-up for this purpose are under the care of a dermatologist, it is usually wise to ask him or her to recommend any products that may be applied successful to their individual case. Everyone’s skin type and acne disorder is different so one product may not work well for all patients. Secondly, check out several sources as to the medicinal value and coverage options that the company’s products offer for this express purpose. Many times makeup for acne scars provide medicinal advantages that keep pores from clogging, is non-allergenic and does not cause further infection.

The medicinal value is very important in choosing the best coverage for lesions and damaged tissue. The wrong product can actually worsen the disorder even though the item is marketed as makeup for acne. The coverage value is generally the reason most people choose any particular product. A good coverage product should provide an almost clear illusion to the color tone and provide the ability to match various skin tones. Blending spots, bumps and discolorations due to damaged tissue without apparent notice is a positive effect of quality makeup for acne scars. Any coverage should also provide all-day wearability in order to provide a consistent, worry-free appearance. In order to thoroughly test the advantages of any product, request a trial container in order to try out its efficiency. Most companies offer trial versions of their products so that consumers will not waste money on larger portions of make-up.

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