Vitamin B5 Acne

May 2, 2014

The new vitamin B5 acne treatments that are being touted throughout the Internet are proving to be a bit controversial. Some claim exciting results while others are having no success with the large dose of this supplement. The initial theory behind taking supplements that contained high doses of the vitamin B5 were hopeful, but further research is having less than even somewhat satisfying results. Anyone looking for a cure to address skin problems may want to experiment with this treatment plan, but as when taking any supplement, caution is advised. A thorough investigation of any side effects should be conducted first. Also, a complete medical evaluation by a doctor is advised, making sure that the large dose recommended will not pose as a harm to any part of an individual’s body. There are other treatments for severe breakouts and these include both natural products and prescribed medications. Before embarking on any vitamin B5 acne treatment, research all of the options available, choosing the best plan for individual circumstances with the guidance of the medical profession.
Acne is a hard thing to handle at any age, but especially for the teen who is experiencing social discomforts. It is no surprise that when a new product or theory, such as the vitamin B5 acne cure that is fairly new to the remedy group, hits the scene, everyone gets excited about the possibilities. Having any level of acne, from mild to severe can be traumatic and teens, parents, and adults who still suffer from breakouts frantically try just about anything to get the skin condition under control. Understandably, the desire to find a cure will drive those who suffer to try just about anything. Perhaps, though, before trying odd combinations of ingredients or believing everything that is published, it may be a good idea to conduct a personal study of what causes breakout and how different products address the problem. Vitamin B5 acne treatment plans might prove to offer less than acceptable results and anyone considering this regimen will want to have all of the facts before exposing their bodies to potentially toxic levels of any supplement or product.

Pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads are the results of a disorder in the pilosebaceous unit in the skin. This unit is a combination of the sebaceous gland, hair follicle and the hair. Units are most numerous on the face, neck, upper back, and chest areas. The small gland within the unit produces an oily substance known as sebum. The job of sebum is to moisturize the hair and the skin. Some people have enlarged glands that produce an excess of sebum and this is generally due to hormone production. Bacteria that inhabits the skin finds its nutrition in sebum, so when there is an increase of this substance, bacteria grows and increases. Dead skin cells are sloughed off and often get trapped in the growing sebum and bacteria located in the follicle. All of these factors together result in breakout. Vitamin B5 acne theory is that acne is a result of a deficiency of B5 in the body. The pantothenic acid found in B5 is used by the body in the gastrointestinal tract, for metabolism, and wound healing, hence the effect on the unsightly breakout.

However, considering that most breakout is the result of hormonal conditions in the body, the vitamin B5 acne treatment plan could be suspect. This class of vitamins is helpful to the body in many areas and proves to be harmless when taking normal recommended doses, but large doses could lead to some unwanted side-effects, such as fatigue. Research is producing confusing results, but vitamin manufacturers are taking full advantage of some claims and promoting vitamin B5 acne cures. When researching this product, keep in mind that the companies that promote it want to make a sale. Try to read objectionable third-party literature to get realistic data on the subject.

Having acne can be very discouraging and those who suffer with it are desperate to find a cure. One of the contributing factors to a breakout is stress. Stress can increase certain hormone production, which can lead to more breakout. Try getting plenty of rest and down time, keeping life balanced in all areas when considering treatment plans such as vitamin B5 acne cures. God’s Word teaches that we are to take time to rest; we are made to need rejuvenation. Turning to His Word will also encourage readers and give insight to a healthy perspective about all of life’s challenges.

There are many different ideas for treating breakout and they are posted on the Internet. While the vitamin B5 acne treatment could be a consideration, have alternative treatment plans in mind so that when one plan fails, there is another that can be tested. A healthy diet, exercise plan, and balanced life-style will go a long way in supporting any products or supplements that are tried. But, again, research any and all products and check with a doctor before taking large doses of anything. The Internet has several articles and printed research on treatments for breakout, so log on today and begin to discover the methods currently being used to get control over skin problems.

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